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by George Horga Jr


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Born in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois and raised in the rainy city of Portland, Oregon. George spent his entire life surrounded by music, but it truly captured all of his attention at the age of 14. After auditioning for American idol, he befriended a Up-and-coming youngpassionate producer, Jason Mater, who urged George to move to LA. George then found his talent in songwriting and passion for impactful lyrics. Catching eyes on season 5 of The Voice, the experience and short-lived fame propelled him in search for new music and material. George found himself being dragged around the industry, searching for the right thing and testing new sounds. Finally, a positive God-centered message came out above the rest, mixed with real emotion and life experiences, showing that his faith and his life go hand-in-hand. This all came like a rush, giving him inspiration for his first album, GIANTS.
His goal is to impact hearts and show that you can live an extraordinary life and chase extraordinary dreams with an extraordinary God by your side. Covering all grounds, George continuously searches for a way to reach the souls of the world with his music.